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RLS/SCRAN Resource Pack Guidelines, July 2001

The following guidelines are intended to ensure that projects meet the requirements and conditions of NOF funding. Projects wishing to deviate from any recommendation are requested to consult their SCRAN Project Officer in advance.

Resource packs should be a series of learning support materials, which under NOF conditions should be designed to support lifelong learning and education in the broadest sense, complementing and adding to the National Curriculum and Scottish Curriculum if relevant.

Each resource pack may indicate subject areas and stages but this may not be the sole application of the material.

Resource packs should be delivered in machine-readable format, such as PDF and may include both text and images. The pack should aim to fulfil three main requirements:

  1. To seek to explain the subject in further detail than is covered by the individual records.
  2. To provide materials which can be used for a variety of purposes, i.e. plans for making models, questionnaires, tests etc.
  3. To expand the bounds of the user, i.e. further reading, suggested activities and places to visit related to the specific subject.

In addition:

Funding may not be used for the distribution of material. However, material must be delivered to RLS / SCRAN in a suitable data storage medium such as Zip Disc, CD ROM etc.

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