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RLS / SCRAN Website Guidelines, July 2001

The following guidelines are intended to ensure that projects meet the requirements and conditions of NOF funding. Projects wishing to deviate from any recommendation are requested to consult their SCRAN Project Officer in advance.

Websites must be deliverable across the Internet. These must be authored in suitable multi platform languages or applications, which will run on both PC and Macintosh platforms. All component files and resources must be supplied.

If plug-ins are required for web deliverable materials these should be publicly available at no cost to the end user. Please consult SCRAN if you intend to include such resources and note any licensing conditions such as display of logos or statements when using plug-ins.

Websites must be compatible with freely available standard browsers such as Netscape and Internet Explorer and must provide a navigation route even with JavaScript disabled. This may require a text-based version of the website. Please ensure that testing regimes include checks in both browsers.

Browser version compatibility must be clearly identified. If plug-ins are required, versions must also be clearly identified.

The website must be viewable in varying widths of browser windows on either 640 x 480 pixel or 800 x 600 pixel screen resolutions.

If non-html based authoring packages are to be used contributors are asked to consult their Project Officer.

The W3C Guidelines on good website design practice should be considered: www.w3c.0rg

Please also check the compliance of your website by using

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