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The Silver Darlings Quiz

  1. What was used to power the earliest boats?
    The wind
    An engine
  2. What nets were most often used to catch herring?
    Hair nets
    Trawl nets
    Drift nets
  3. Why did the fishermen need to get back to shore quickly with their catch?
    Because the were hungry
    Because the fish rotted quickly
    In case someone tried to steal their fish
  4. Why did the fishermen soak the nets in bark?
    To stop them from rotting
    To help them to stretch
    To make them smell nice
  5. How did the fishermen dry their nets?
    In a tumble drier
    By hanging them up
    By leaving them in a bundle
  6. What was the name of the big boat that the Dutch used for catching herring?
    An aeroplane
    A drifter
    A buss
  7. The women cured the herring. What did they do first?
    Put the fish in barrels
    Sorted the fish
    Gutted the fish
  8. What was used to preserve herring?
    A freezer
  9. Why did the women wrap cloths around their fingers?
    To keep them warm
    Because it looked nice
    To protect them
  10. What did the cooper do?
    Made sandwiches
    Made boxes
    Made barrels

Hey! These are too easy! I want to try some other activities!

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