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Cryptic Crossword: Foresters 1

From the HistoryShelf web site: <>

Print out and complete the crossword. If you are stuck, you can look at the answers.

 Foresters 1 crossword grid


1 Youngster spends morning in the pound
3 Among single cooks I'm top dog
4 Forester finds sod broken by woman on either side
6 In five years, it might be all-seeing
7 Extremities in north and south
8 Post Office love right for one lacking means?
9 Era flew back in a state
12 One thousand tear after firm handhold
14 Workroom love gets louder on frozen water
15 Bowl left out at first sign of dog's bark
16 Height-lacking alien is still euphoric
17 Port notice results in some kind of racket


2 Returned concerning a number, to capture flag
3 US money? Shirt has 100 not 500 round neck
4 Wow! I'd arranged to meet a woman in black
5 Return first class beer for symbols of office
10 Man from Sherwood puts three rings around the bin. That's hard in the middle of the road
11 Grandpa's sword held the magic word
12 Inexperienced soldier flees from ogre engagement
13 Hidden Roman coins partially return

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