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Cryptic Crossword: Foresters 2

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Print out and complete the crossword. If you are stuck, you can look at the answers.

 Foresters 2 crossword grid


2 Find kindness has been wrecked followed by violence? Not I!
4 Instrument in both ornate and plain styles
7 Woodman seen in tangle ere frost?
9 Hard leader I\'ve followed in place of activity
10 At the old bank, the driving area backs on to support, not south
12 Ale not right for worker
13 Very old number, one hundred that is, in worker
16 Togetherness? It lies within the United Nations, yes
17 Phoned Emergency Room to get outdoorsman
18 In Fall, Autumnal arrangements return to each other
19 Public school, not hard, for pointed missile


1 Draw rood back for guardian
2 NB, take note in Latin, fit for payout
3 Rode roughly right to command
5 Supersonic airliner leaving East in harmony
6 Brotherhood frae eternity without eastern ecstasy?
8 Taxes returning holy man who leaves by chopper?
11 Bring up certain capture after sound tea for money man
14 Open University in TV screen where judgement is given
15 Meeting place in challenge to authority

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