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Quick Crossword: Bevvy for Benefit

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Print out and complete the crossword. If you are stuck, you can look at the answers.

 Bevvy for Benefit crossword grid


1 What's left after costs are taken off (7)
4 Which sort of company owners helped set up Goths (4)
7 Game on a green? (7)
8 This is needed to be allowed to sell alcoholic drinks (7)
10 This movement was opposed to drinking alcohol (10)
13 Where is Gothenburg? (6)
14 What did the Goths sell to raise funds? (4)
15 What sort of organisation owned the Gothenburgs? (5)
16 City where the "bevvy for benefit" idea originated (10)


2 What sort of team received funds from the Dean Tavern? (8)
3 The effect of too much beer (11)
5 One of a number of part-owners of a business (11)
6 The group of people who ran the Goths (9)
9 Gothenburgs were popular in these industrial communities (6)
11 Drink was thought to be a main cause of this (7)
12 The demon drink! (7)

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